Prototype EvoBar Setup for BikeE
Luke Breen & Mark Stonich showed the latest Evolution Products prototype. Evolution Bars for the BikeE on an adjustable reach stem. Bike-Es are designed with no tiller so adding even a small amount, and angling the grips down a bit makes the handling much steadier. One problem will be cost. Unlike the Rans LWB's, the BikeE hasn't got a fore and aft adjustable stem, and the cables aren't long enough to allow a change of bars. We're also working on a non-adjustable setup for BikeEs to keep the cost down. Better pix of the system can be seen

On the other hand, Rans LWBs have a lot of tiller. Not necessarily a problem, but the stock handgrip orientation makes it awkward to perform the larger steering corrections LWBs need for low speed balance. The Rans EvoBars are designed to correct this, and are selling well (mostly online).

Most recumbents are designed with no understanding of steering ergonomics. The steering axis is either too far or too close to the riders shoulders. This makes it difficult to optimize tiller and reach, which are the two main factors for recumbent stability. Ideally the best compromise between low speed balance and stability at speed comes with about 6-9" of tiller and with the reach adjusted so that with our arms extended your wrists are about 2" past the grips. A good illustration of the proper reach and hand orientation is shown here.
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