Jon Sharrat's LowRacer frame

Jon Sharratt brought the reinforced frame for his LowRacer. He had the bike completed a while back, but got only 38 miles before one of the silver joints failed. Jon added sections of tube along the bottom of two of his segmented joints, which act as both gussets and as cable-guides.

I'll be taking lots of pix when this bike gets running again. It's full of fascinating details.

"The frame is built in segments to avoid curves, and provide design flexibility. Very nice CNC'd dropouts designed by Jon and machined by Todd Sorlie. Can you spot the bottle opener?"

It will be going back to Powder Coating Technologies before next meeting, so this is the last time we'll see it naked.

Assembled, the bike has a rear derailleur on the mid drive, mounted backwards and functioning as a front derailleur on cassette cogs that function as chainrings. You shift the front (mid-drive) while pedaling backwards. Sounds odd, but can be shifted while at a stop.

Cleanup after brazing was done with a scotch-brite by hand. Lots of hand-work as shown in the pix. Jon's been working on this for a couple years.

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