MnHPVA Meeting - March 2002
Meeting Report: Dave Polaschek & Mark Stonich
Photos: Mark Stonich
About 20-25 people were in attendance. Nobody showed up to ride prior to the meeting, despite good weather. Instead we played around on trikes and an electric assisted QuadraBent on the icy parking lot. Carl Gulbronson brought an EZ-3 trike. One heck of a nice trike when you factor in the $750 pricetag. Carl (952-922-7430) will be selling these. (IMHO the EZ-3 is not perfect, but the short list of things I don't like about it is the same list I have for the Lightfoot Roadrunner, and I've been recommending that one at $2200. Mark S.)
Commercial bent to the meeting.
For some reason, almost everything shown at this meeting was part of a commercial venture. Usually there are plenty of amateur homebuilder projects to fill the time, with just a few minutes devoted to (hopefully) profit making projects. But this time there was little of the "built just for the fun of it" stuff, so it was good to have the other for filler. Meetings are a great place to get input on new ideas, but we want to be sure all of the homebuilt/amateur projects are given priority.
Jon Nygren's developing some new and secret transportation devices he hopes to take into production. He showed very early, (much duct tape and zip ties) "Proof of concept" prototypes at the meeting, but asked that we don't publish any information about them on the web just yet. ( I could tell you, but then he'd have to kill me :-)
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Jon Sharrat's LowRacer frame
New from Blackbird Designs.
Adaptive Trike
Prototype EvoBar Setup for BikeE
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