Jeff Caswell's Goodies

Jeff Caswell had several little goodies to show us:

1. He passed around a mock-up of the nose of his planned fairing, made of paper grocery bag material on both sides of some paper honeycomb (two layers on the outside and one on the inside). This technique works best with fairly small pieces of torn (not cut) paper. He has experimented with more exotic glues but prefers plain gluten paste. This technique will be used to build a fully faired street bike with a front wheel drive chassis inside.

2. He showed a home built light with 4 AA cells powering one very bright LED mounted with a nice small reflector and a big finned heat sink ? these new higher power LEDs aren?t quite as cool-running as the old lower power ones! He can get a wide range of LEDs at trade shows he attends, so contact him if you want some to play with. They are mostly rated at 3.6 volts, so you either use 3 NiCads or a higher voltage battery pack plus a resistor in series to step down the voltage.

3. He is still working on putting together a CD of his 150 or so pictures from the 2002 Battle Mountain speed trials. At 4 MB each, that would about fill a CD. He will let us know when he actually starts burning copies for sale.

4. He showed some nice Sunshine track hubs that he may be willing to part with, since he needs something narrower for the streetliner. Maybe good BMX hubs with one-speed freewheel threading (the gears will be changed in the intermediate drive like on the MicroBike, so only one sprocket is needed on the wheel).

(These hubs are smoother than a Rolls Royce salesman. And a near perfect Campi copy, right down to the domed and chromed ends on the axles. Unfortunately they didn't copy Campi's odd axle threading (10mm x 26 threads per inch???). I need an axle for a Paramount track bike I plan to restore, and a Campi axle costs more than the entire Sanshin hubset. Mark Stonich)

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