March 12th 2003
MnHPVA Meeting
Meeting Report: Tim Dunsworth

Photos& HTML: Mark Stonich

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Mark showed his latest set of shortened cranks (for Dave K). It only took him about 1/3 the time to grind them down to sharp V ends as previous cranks took. Is that a good sign for the quality of the metal and processing used for these cranks, or not? No one seemed to know for sure.

Terry Osell's Stubby 'Bent
Carl Gulbronson is organizing a Minnesota HPV race weekend for early August (tentatively the 16th and 17th). He has a sponsor and has arranged HPRa insurance coverage, but is still in the process of considering venues. The very nice Dakota Technical College track we used several times before is being used for the usual training purposes, but only the local USCF chapter has been allowed to hold races there since their big insurance/legal liability scare, so it seems unlikely we could use it. Century College in White Bear Lake has a comparable training facility and Dave will be going there soon to look it over and talk to the authorities there. Dave says we would be welcome at Elko Speedway (a short stock car oval south of the metro area), which we also used once before. Carl is hopeful that he could arrange to use the Blaine Velodrome one day, but Dave doesn?t particularly share that hope after his experiences with them. Carl is considering the possibility of doing a joint race day with some local roller blade racers (just time trials and separate grouped races, not combined races), which didn/t seem to excite too many other members.

Jeff Caswell's Miscellaneous Goodies.

Dave Siskind's Before & After 'Bent
Dave Krafft showed his newest toy, a birthday present from Dave to Dave! It is a ReeVu helmet with a built in internal rear view mirror. It actually consists of three mirrors arranged in a curved channel that sits on top of the helmet from the visor to a little past the peak of the head. It is an English design, made in France, and first sold by German companies! Dave managed to find it through Edinburgh Cycles in England for 64 pounds or about $100 including shipping. It seems to work pretty well, though you have to experiment with the best helmet position on your head and then take a while to get used to it. He is concerned that it may fog up or get dusty and be hard to clean, but he'll have to use it a while to see.

Mystery Photo?
Mark's neighbor (Employed by Smith's Welding Equipment for 38 years) is clearing out his basement, so there are a number of torches and accessories for sale through Mark:
Everything is gone now, except for one "Little Torch". Very handy for braze-ons and working in tight spots. With a single tip they go for $135 at the discount places, $159 at welding shops. I'm hoping to get him $65 with some extra tips (two #3s and two #4s The 4s are about right for braze ons, the #6 is big enough for fillets). Frank had actually built the prototypes of these torches for Smith's, so some of the tips don't even have sizes stamped on them.
Welding trivia; Many years ago Elmer Smith was a tinkerer in Minneapolis, who tried his hand at building bicycles. He found it difficult to work with the big torch handles available back then, so he made his own. Other people wanted some so he built a few more, and now the Smith's torch is the standard of the industry for framebuilders and airframe weldors. M.S.
Jim Black tells us that there is now a bike display in the Hennepin County government center that covers from antique high wheelers to an (ahem) Quadribent. It is behind glass, but fairly extensive and worth a look. Carl showed off a few goodies for our perusal:
1. He "accidentally" (and repeatedly!) dropped an emergency flashlight that has no batteries. You jiggle it back and forth for 30 seconds to get 20 minutes of light, and it works by passing a magnet back and forth past an internal coil to generate electrical energy that is stored in a condenser rather than a battery. It list for about $39.
2. He also passed around a number of catalogs he has picked up at recent bike trade shows, including a Schwalbe tire catalog and a Planet Bike catalog that has recumbent-specific fender sets in various size combinations.

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