Mark Stonich's Framebuilding Aid Mark Stonich's Framebuilding Aid

When building a frame, there are several things you need to measure with the fork held accurately in place. My first few frames I'd temporarily install the headset a few times to make these measurements. This meant I'd have to get the fork crown and headtube faced very early in the process. About 18 years ago Terry Osell had a batch of dummy headset spacers made, and sold me a set. The only problem was that I needed to use a bungie or toe strap to keep the fork from sliding out of the spacers. Many times I forgot the bungie, and when I picked the frame up, the fork fell on the floor.

Last week someone gave me a broken frame, which had a separate seatpost collar w/quick release. For tonight's meeting I wanted to bring in my frame and fork as a unit. So I turned down the top half of the upper spacer, to the ID of the clamping collar, made a couple of saw cuts, and now the spacers are much more convenient to use, and everthing locks solidly in place.

I recently found some of the right sized tubing to make more of these spacers. (I'd been looking for about 10 years.) If you want some let me know. QR clamping collars are readily available.

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