MnHPVA Meeting May 8th 2002
Meeting Report: Dave Polaschek & Mark Stonich
Photos: Mark Stonich
Bad weather caused a light turnout tonight – About 20 people and only two bikes for show & tell. Plenty of time for discussion.
Dave Siskind showed a brochure for the Moonlight River Ramble Ride 8:00 PM June 1 (Saturday night). Dave has done the ride several times, and strongly recommends it. Registration fee. Lights required.
Mark's bike started a discussion of lightweight components, including which titanium parts make sense. On the basis of "cost per gram saved", Ti BB spindles are the winner, but may have trouble with galling or creaking. Ti Sticks, a replacement for quick releases also save weight without adding a lot of cost, but aren't always reliable. Dave Gray passed around a Kryptonite locking skewer. They're lighter than QRs, but heavier than Ti Sticks.
Trail Info
SW Corridor information is available at:

Potential problem: The Kenilworth Trail corridor is under consideration for a future LRT route. Portions of the existing corridor are too narrow to accommodate both rail and bike paths.

Jon Nygren presented a mobility device that involves an electric power unit that can be detached from a wheelchair. He's calling it a Superchair, and it was developed for a disabled friend who plans to use it while commuting about a mile into the downtown Minneapolis area. It is currently being tested on the trail system around the lakes and is able to keep up with most recreational cyclists with a top speed of around 18MPH. As the Superchair gets closer to production status, pictures will be released.
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Howard Heikes' Amazing Folding Recumbent
Jon Sharratt's Design for a

Bi-Level Rack/Tailbox Support

Mark Stonich's New Lightweight LWB Frame
Mark Stonich's New Framebuilding Aid

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