Chris Burbank's SWB

Chris Burbank showed his home-built Bacchetta clone, one of two he has built for his wife and himself (for those who were there, he had them clamped together to use as a quad at the last ice races!). It uses an MTB fork for the rear end, joined to a backbone main tube that has been squeezed slightly flat at the rear.

It has two idlers (one on each run) that only change the chain direction slightly. He uses a BikeE seat with an extended back to work better in a more laid back position. The seat clamps were cut out of ½" aluminum, plate then drilled for the frame tube size and cut in two.

The version he showed tonight has a 2 1/8 x .028 stainless steel main tube, which is supposed to be a problem when joined to a carbon steel rear end, but he has had no problems so far (admittedly in very limited use). It was TIG welded together using 309L stainless welding rod and lots of inert gas. Mark says while this is the most commonly used (and recommended) rod for stainless to carbon steel, now the experts are saying it's the wrong stuff for dissimilar metal joints.

His other version of this bike avoids the whole issue by using all carbon steel pieces, but it is somewhat heavier because it uses 2" x .049 tubing in the main backbone tube. He used a frame layout similar to a Bacchetta in order to get a nearly straight chainline.

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