May 14th 2003
MnHPVA Meeting
Meeting Report: Tim Dunsworth
Photos: Mark Stonich, Dave Johnson & Ray Allison
HTML: Mark Stonich
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This meeting was moved (for one month only) to the Keewaydin recreation center about ten blocks from the Nokomis rec center we usually use.

The parking lot highlights were the ZEM-4 brought by Carl Gulbronson and a Cab-Bike brought by Mary Arneson.

Trick question - Can you spot the grown-up in this picture?

Mary Arneson's Cab Bike Velomobile

Chris Burbank's SWB

Jeff Caswell's Wheels 'n Things
Denis Diekhof donated a scavenged roller blade (ie. one boot with four wheels) for anyone wanting to turn down one or more of its wheels for use as chain idlers. Most of the wheels could use new bearings, but those are widely available and shouldn't cost much. Someone else showed larger diameter replacement scooter wheels he'd gotten on sale at Toys 'R Us for 72 cents a pair! Mark reminded us that larger idler wheels reduce power losses on the upper, or power, run of the chain. But they don't save enough to be worth their higher weight on the lower or return run of the chain. In either location or size it is worth trying to get the best bearings you can, in terms of both smoothness and load capacity.

Dennis also had some trail news. He was able to ride all the way along phase II (and even phase III) of the Greenway on an exploratory ride. That whole section has had all of the rails and ties removed, but no other apparent prep work. It is rough and has some broken glass around, but on something like his heavy Hookworm tires it is doable. Since its bed is planked over, he was even able to ride across the railroad trestle over the river and then hook up with some trails on the east side of the river.

Mark Stonich's Moulton MkIII
Mark and Jon Sharratt urged anyone with the slightest interest to join them for the first annual English three-speed ride around Lake Pepin on June 7th and 8th. It will run clockwise from Red Wing to Wabasha (about 50 miles) for an overnight in the city park there, then return the next day (about 35 miles). It will be low key and low speed with lots of rest stops to admire the scenery or sample the wares of any pubs along the route. It is free and requires no reservation. There will be a car to haul camping gear, but there will be no "sag wagon" service. Mark and others may have a few extra bikes available for people with the interest but not the equipment, and they may allow slight deviations from the English three-speed requirement (though with no guarantee that people riding such deviant machines won't suffer a certain amount of ridicule and ostracism!). For more info, see Jon's web site at (with cross-links to his other ride site at

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