John Reese's Rans Stratus Fairing

John Reese brought his Rans Stratus with front and rear fairings. Rear is a coroplast tailcone that he thinks gets him a one or two gear improvement in cruising speed to 20 mph or so. The tailbox, which was shown at an earlier meeting, can be seen herehere.

The front is one of Dave Krafft's free form ABS plastic fairings in a shape about like a ZZipper experimenter kit (and Dave still has a few around if you're interested). It has some slick home built steel tube mounts on the bottom, plus a quick and dirty top mount he and Dave built. He felt that the rear fairing gets him much more benefit than the front. Carl and some others didn't think this made sense as a general rule, so there was some discussion of why that might be.

I would expect that he'd be faster with just the tailbox than just the fairing. The tailbox is right behind his body, while the fairing is quite some distance away. (IMHO Tall guys don't fit well on LWBs, while short folk should avoid SWBs.)
The shapeof the fairing looks pretty good, but might be a bit small for someone his size. Mark S.

The front is wider at the bottom than the top, a result of the top mounting layout and also his goal of keeping his feet nicely warm and dry (plus the wide Q factor of his cranks), so his fairing has the opposite of the usual proportions. Also, his front fairing has unusually large plastic tube beads around the edges, which may serve to trip the air flow and create more turbulence than it might with a smaller bead. Who knows? There was some casual discussion of how nice it would be to make good coast-down measurements of several bikes with various fairings on them, but no site suggestions or firm plans came out of this yet.

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