November 13th 2002
MnHPVA Meeting
Another good sized crowd showed up (25+ ?), and as usual we spent the first half hour or more out in the parking lot looking at bikes and trying them out.

The big hits were Mark Stonich showing up on a trike with unbelievable wheel-mounted lights that flashed when it moved. Plus, someone brought a pan of home cooked coffee cake to share while we stood around.

Eventually we did go inside and started a slightly more formal show-and-tell.

Meeting Report: Text Tim Dunsworth (with comments by Mark Stonich)
Photos/HTML: Mark Stonich
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Chris Burbank's Aluminum Big Wheel SWB
Denis Diekhoff asked his Minneapolis city contact about Greenway progress and just got a response back.
1. The Beltline gap paving contract has been let but it may be getting too late/cold to do it before next spring. (It has since been finished. Mark)
2. The eastern extension, from 5th Ave. S. to the LRT station on Hiawatha Ave, is scheduled to be done by the end of next summer.

Luke's Little Tandem for Mary and Sophie
Dave Gray showed an MTB fork converted into a unicycle.

(However, no one got any photos of it, and he brought the completed machine in for the December meeting. So, I'll cover it in detail in the December notes. Mark)

John Reese's Rans Stratus Fairing
Tim Dunsworth had two reminders for people:
1. On the subject of trails, the construction zone that caused the Cedar Lake trail to be closed near the downtown end is finally done.
2. This Sunday at 6:00 PM at Calhoun Cycle the annual championship "slide" show will take place, with the added feature of digital images Jeff Caswell took at the Battle Mountain, Nevada speed championships. Be there or be square.

Penninger Trike Mods
Luke Breen was asked about the BikeE situation. He said it seems to be out of business for real now, and it doesn't look like anyone is going to buy it. Carl said the closing announcement was timed so a sale could be negotiated at the Interbike show, but there were no takers (including Giant, which had been making their frames for them). Luke thinks he can continue supporting them for quite some time, though a replacement seat arrangement may have to be worked out eventually. He has seldom had a need to send a bike back to the factory, and other problems can be fixed here and most parts easily replaced here. He had gotten to the point of doing many of the major repairs himself since it didn't seem that he could rely on the factory, and several people praised the quality of his work on those repairs.
Carl Gulbronson brought several boxes of miscellaneous goodies to show and/or sell. He passed around sample bike polo ball and mallet to whet people's interest for next season. He showed a cross country ski simulator that uses some very interesting tires (for very low and compact trikes, or streamliner landing gear, or ...?) that are 90 psi pneumatic tires only 6 x 1.25 in size! He also informs us that Planet Bike makes single fenders and "mismatched" sets ideal for recumbent use in all sorts of sizes.
No Retail Sales At The Meetings
The room we use, for free, has a rental fee of $90 per hour. We get by without paying because I sign a long document every year. It states, among other things, that there will be no retail sales in the building.

If someone wants to bring in a couple of books in a saddlebag, and make a pitch for them, OK. But the actual transaction must take place outside after the meeting. Bringing in boxes of new merchandise is a no-no.
Mark Stonich

Luke also had a few announcements for people:
1. The 2002-2003 Encycleopedia is now out (and available at Calhoun), and though it is under different management than before it looks pretty good, with the ususal broad variety of work bikes, family bikes, folders, recumbents, etc.
2. We may want to check out the Hub Bike Shop south of Lake on Minnehaha. It is a co-op and has been open for a few months now. It carries a lot of interesting used and clearance goodies, including Terry Osell's leftover stock from the closing of his shop.

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