Tim Fairbanks' modified Haluzak

New guy Tim came on a Haluzak Leprechaun. Since this is an uncommon bike and he had made some changes, he was asked to show it to us. It has under seat steering, with a short indirect link, which he and Mark think is superior to the Vision USS with the bar attached directly to the back of the fork where it generates a lot of tiller effect.

He added a Power-On Cycling molded seat with home made aluminum mounting brackets. Since it was probably made for a low trike, he had to add a foam lip (The white stuff) to the bottom to hold him in place at a more upright angle. In this shot, Tim is pointing out small vent holes.

It has monoblade rear fork stays, so the ride is fairly cushy to begin with, but Tim has added a BMX fork on the front too. He also changed to 16 and 26 inch wheels.

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