Dave's Trail News and LWB Upgrades

Dave Siskind had a few news items:

Dave Siskind showed a few more details of his modified Tour Easy clone. His seat braces pass right through the rear rack, though was as much a matter of miraculous luck than of careful design and measurement! The mounts attaching the front of the rack to the frame are 1/8" x 3/4" aluminum bar with an artful curve to continue the curve of the "seat tube".

The seat struts adjust for length using telescoping tubes. The outer tube is slit and a tiny 1/4" hose clamp provides enough compression to lock them firmly together. For 18 years MnHPVA'ers have been assuming it was necessary to use much beefier clamps, made from chunks of aluminum. Hose clamps are lighter and less work.
Dave doesn't have the tools needed to make the aluminum clamps, so he tried what he had at hand. This is how progress is made. M.S.

LWBs often have shallow head angles and generous fork rakes. This puts the brake bridge/fender mount quite far back in relation to the wheel. Using the standard fitting on the fender, you often have the leading edge of the fender too far to the rear. This allows water to fly off the front tire upward, in a graceful arc that ends in the riders face or lap. A common cure is to mount the fender back to front. However, Dave bought the really nice (if not LWB compliant) Planet Bike fenders, which have mudflaps at the back. Rather than trying to relocate the fender fitting, he made this simple extension from the same 1/8" x 3/4" aluminum bar.

Dave used "noodles" left over from linear brake kits to curve the brake cables from the levers down along the stem, since otherwise the cables tend to fray and break right at the levers or in that tight curve. Mark seconded this idea, and says the LWB he rode tonight has about six of them! [is that right, Mark?]

There would be seven if I'd used my usual V-Brake at the rear. They allow your cables to run closer to the stem without big loops. I eliminated so much inner and outer cable that I saved 40 grams. (I actually compared the weight of the noodles to the cable bits I cut off.)
Another reason to use them is if you want to raise your bars, but your cables aren't long enough. Saves buying new outers, and sometimes inners.

One nice thing about the Planet Bike fenders is that 16" and 20" fronts, and 20", 26" and 700 rears are all available separately. (In case you want to build up a 16-700 ' bent.) M.S.

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