October 13, 2004
MnHPVA Meeting
Meeting Report: Tim Dunsworth
Photos & HTML: Mark Stonich
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At 7:00 PM we only had 5 people so it looked like we were about to have our smallest meeting ever. But folks slowly trickled in until we eventually had a good turnout, despite competition from baseball playoffs and a presidential candidate debate. John Hill and Elliot Royce were here for the first time. John has a Stratus and an EZ Sport, while Elliot has two trikes.
Carl Gulbronson showed some goodies from the big Interbike show in Las Vegas. A Lazer time trial helmet actually has some protective padding in it due to recent rules changes and would make a fairly good winter helmet with its aero ear coverings. He has 406 and 700 studded tires that are a lot cheaper than Nokians. He also showed an $89 knock-off of a Zipper fairing that looked quite good, with especially nice mounting hardware at that price.
Mark Stonich showed off his "new" wedgie, a , fresh from winning two awards at the All British Cycle Event, for "People's Choice" and for "Best Background Story". He thinks the first award was mostly because it is flashier than many of the older and more original bikes there (it really is a gorgeous bike, though). Lacking ready access to, or the funds needed for, '59 era parts, he equipped it with a collection of parts from the '60s and early '70s. Most of these are parts that he believes would have been common on later Taylor Tourists.

But he feels the second award was legitimately earned by his tale entitled "I got bike with a little help from my friends". Over the past 30 years friends had either given him, or sold cheaply to him, old bike parts that were obsolete, but not yet collector's items. He lucked out on the frame when stranger phoned, asking for help determining an asking price. (I gave him the names of people more qualified than myself in these matters, and asked him to call me back as soon as he settled on a price. Mark).

After he bought the frame, more friends donated the few parts still needed for the project. The hammered "aluminium" (we are talking about a period British bike after all) fenders and classic Campy rear derailleur came from MnHPVA member Dave Siskind.

He only has about $100 in it above the cost of the frame. The only modern parts on it now are the seat tube, handlebar and grips. The racks are original Taylors and have serial numbers matching the frame. The cranks are 160 mm TA cranks. The pump is a classic Silca Impero with a Campy head that is to die for. The brakes and levers are Mafac. The cyclometer is an old Lucas tick-tick style unit that he got unused in its original box.

Mark can't ride more than about five miles on a wedgie now, even a beautiful one, but fortunately the ABCE ride is only about that long. (The hands and shoulders must be getting a bit better, I did a tenner on it before hanging it up for the season. Mark)

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