Dan Grider's Folding Fixie
Dan Grider showed a folding fixie that proved a smooth riding wedgie on the test track before the meeting. Very clean design with a good, stiff frame.

The bike was set up as a track bike (fixed gear), weighed in at 18 Lbs, had dual 406 wheels with Schwalbe Stelvios' and drop handlebars.

The bars were cut in the middle to help with suitcasing the bike.
He had made a custom (long) handlebar clamp to secure the cut bar.
The bars were sliced at and angle to help line them up during re-assembly.
The stem was built of 7/8" X .049 cro-mo and felt well balanced.
A bit of flex-sion, but not enough to feel willy nilly.

By removing the seatpost the rear triangle can be folded such that the rear wheel fits into the front fork (after the front wheel is removed).

With no shift or brake cables, the stem and bars are easily removed.

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