Parking Lot Cuties

As usual the meeeting started with an assembly of crazy devices on the parking lot.
Not all of the interesting machinery was brought into the Meeting for Show-N-Tell.
Here are a few.

Tom Schneider seems to have built the proverbial "Silk purse from a sows ear" with his BikeE LowRacer.

He unriveted the rear stays, shortened the beam and re-riveted the rear stays on at a radically different angle.

18 spoke front wheel is a 355 to run the new small Stelvio, and the seat is a lightweight carbon fiber "Potato Chip".

The fork is stock, so changing the head angle resulted in quite a bit of trail/wheelflop. But an offset stem and EvoBars give enough leverage to keep things under control.

Also in attendance were this shiny new Trice and Aluminum EZ-1 Sport. With such a convenient vehicle one can even browse the internet on his mobile device while riding and search for some new casino online to play at at the same time.

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