MnHPVA Meeting January 9th, 2002
Meeting Report: Dave Polaschek & Mark Stonich
Photos: Mark Stonich
No change in Jan 26th date for Ice Races. Lance reports 10 inches of ice on White Bear, so if the water on top freezes we're okay, if we don't have to plow. If we do get a cold spell we should get the 14" needed for a plow. There's still a chance they might be rescheduled, but not until there's no other choice. Pay close attention to the website or check your email.
The MnHPVA Web page    has been pretty much neglected for the past 2 years. There seems to be some interest in turning it into something useful again. Dave Polaschek & Mark Stonich plan to continue producing monthly meeting reports such as this one. And, Mark promised to update "Events" page every month.
Jon Nygren wants to post pictures of members on the web page, in a yearbook format, so people can recognize each other. This could act as a club directory. Each pic could be a link to info about the person, pictures of their bikes and/or a link to their website. He took pictures of several of us at the meeting.
Some other web site changes being considered are; links to members web sites, reports and pictures from monthly meetings and rides, bike route information, and trying to get more technical articles.
Mark's fenders started a discussion of joining methods for Coroplast. Rough it up, hot glue it, and make sure to clamp until it sets. Or 3M spray contact cement. Or pop rivets. Or aquarium sealer.
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Dave Gray's Travel Bike With 12" Wheels
"Tall Dave" Johnson's 27"/16" SWB
Jon Nygren told about progress on the Recumbent Body Shell Project, and showed his latest Ice Racing tire.

Todd Mayo was looking for advice on a Schwinn BMX to SWB recumbent conversion.
Luke Breen showed his suspended ice blade and some inexpensive chain idler wheels
Mark Stonich showed his 2WD delta trike, looking a bit like a John Deere tractor.
Jim Black's got a bunch of 12v 7.2aH sealed maintenance-free Gel Cell lead-acid batteries. $10 a pop from Jim. (If you can use 12V, this is a VERY good price for Gel Cells. Mark) He also showed a Currie Electro-drive mounted on an EZ-1 Super Cruiser, in which he's using some of the batteries.
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