Recumbent Body Shell Project

Jon Nygren gave an update on how the Recumbent Body Shell Project (They probably have an official name for it. Whatever...) is coming along. Jon, Dave Krafft, and Jay Coleman are currently at plastering stage. An initial run of 10 bodies will be molded from 90mil ABS - blank body - cut your own holes - see his website at The shell is designed for SWB bike - 22" wide - can add 1.5 inches to width easily. Considering complete vertical light bar at the rear where halves meet. May have a body by next meeting. Either white or black ABS.

Jon also showed his latest ice racing tire, a 24" from Axman. He pounded a large number of carpet tacks out through the carcass. He used a layer of old inner tube reinforced with duct tape as a liner, and used a self-sealing tube, hoping this will take care of flat problems. He is leaving the tacks full length so Mark reminded us that long spikes have to be covered for the safety of the other racers. No problem, as Jon's new "Mythos" ice bike is fully faired.

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