"Tall Dave" Johnson's Homebuilt SWB

Dave's 700/349 (16") wheeled SWB has been a long time in the making, but now is rideable, though it needs a lot of little twiddling. Have to adjust the tube for the front derailleur yet, since it hits when on the biggest chain-ring. "Everything I build is heavy. Heavy is not good, but breaking is really bad." Quick disconnect seat - idea stolen from Luke. Fit in the van without taking the seat off, but it'll be handy for top of vehicle transport. Handlebar pivot - Hand hewn version of the RANS Flipit - big block of aluminum, lots of cutting and grinding and such. Seat clamp, handlebar and boom all adjust. Dave planned it initially with a mid-drive, but decided to simplify.

Dave liked the look of the P-38 Lightning, and wanted a SWB. Dave's so tall that he gets good weight disribution with an SWB. With a 49" wheelbase this may be longest non-Lowracer SWB. People questioned the big jump to granny on front 28/48/56 rings. Dave says he has the same setup on his LWB (XLWB?) and it seems to shift fine.
Two sets of chain idlers, both top and bottom. (Somewhere there must be a roller blade up on cinder blocks;-)

Not as elegant as Dave Gray's dropouts, these are still interesting for the addition of derailleur mounting tab, and fender/rack mounts. Dave started out brazing, but the project has taken so long he has learned to TIG weld.

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