Dave Gray's 12" Wheel Travel Bike

Dave Gray - Liked his Raleigh 20 so much he wanted to explore other small wheel options. He'd never seen a 12" adult bike, so he had to build one (upright). Cut his own stainless spokes for kid's 12" department store bike type rims. With a removable seat tube it will pack in a 40x10x12 box, so it'll be airline legal without a coupler,. With a coupler, it could be a carry-on.

The rear section of the frame ended up a bit wide, so getting the right bottom bracket spindle length may be necessary to avoid ankle or heel strike.

Biggest problem is gearing - 60-14 gives only 52 gear inches - Finding a Bendix blue band OverDrive 2 speed might do the trick. (Or, an 11t cassette cog with 6 of the 9 splines ground off. Mark)

Frame is fillet-brazed and looks extremely well done for a first frame. Dave says that he used the "Lay down a lot of brass and carve out a nice looking fillet." method. (As nice as his fillets are, I doubt they could have looked too bad "As Brazed". Mark S.)

Dave did a beautiful job integrating Sub 11 track dropouts to oversized single stays.

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