Gear Head Corner

This place will be the home to old MnHPVA Newsletter articles about technical topics, and elaborations on tech related internet postings. Eventually, I hope to come back and add drawings and scans where appropriate. We have over 12 years of articles to convert to HTML.Mark Stonich
  • How Not To Fall Over In Winter
    Dave Krafft's Green Speed Trike Clone 1997

  • Tired of Breaking Rear Spokes?
    The Advantages of Offset Rear Triangles By Mark Stonich updated 2002

  • Tubing Selection for Recumbent Frames
    Theoretical Considerations By John Zabrieski 1995
    Practical Considerations By Mark Stonich 1995

  • Flux and Lugless Brazed Frames
    By Mark Stonich 1984 & 1995

  • "The Brazing Book"
    Harman and Handy's Brazing Book is now Online.

    Next to be converted, Articles on;
    Chain Tubes
    Drum Brakes
    Rake, Trail and Spoke Length Calculations

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