305 (16")Tires, Tubes & Rims

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305 mm Tires

Back by popular demand. Schwalbe City Jet 54-305 (16x1.95) 5 bar (80 psi) 348 g $18 (slick with grooves, black wall, made in Korea, the best 305mm tyre available!) Z.K.

7/6/00 Don Shaulis tells me that this popular tire is to be imported again starting in August 2000 M.S.

New!!! Maxxis Hookworm 16x1.95 - Black with black sidewalls, 515g., 110 psi. Heavy with a stiff side wall. The tread wraps around most of the sidewall. Tread is basically a fine orange peel with worm tracks. The tracks are wide enough to not catch debris. Rated at 110 psi. Appears to be an extremely durable tire for those needing extra tough or high load.
Thanks to Don Shaulia

There is one problem with this tire. It was designed for the front of the SWB BikeE2 tandem, which explains why it weighs almost as much as the 20" version. However, as of July 2000 BikeE hasn't been able to find a 305 rim which will allow it to be run at maximum pressure. BikeE sells the tandem with this tire, but with an 80 psi. sticker added. Unfortunately 80 psi. isn't enough, for a tire this small, on the front of an SWB tandem. M.S.

New 6/9/99 Primo Comet 305 (16x1.35) smooth herringbone tread pattern, tan wall, made by Cheng Shin in Taiwan, the lightest 305mm tyre available. Rolling diameter approx. 14.5". Ideal for CLWB & MWB bikes with cranks over front wheel. OK for SWB LowRacers. Probably too small for traditional SWBs (like the Visions, ) unless rider is very light weight. M.S.

Cheng Shin C-639-5 Nylon 37-305 (16x1.5) 2.5 bar (35 psi) 344 grams $12 DISCONTINUED (block tread pattern, black wall, made in Taiwan, standard equipment on pre-1998 BikeE) Z.K.

Hwa Fong Rubber Duro 47-305 (16x1.75) 5 bar (75 psi) 322.5 g $12
DISCONTINUED (square block tread pattern, black wall, great higher pressure upgrade tyre for BikeE front wheel and BOB trailer wheel!) Z.K.

LHR LH563-01 47-305 (16x1.75) 3.5 bar (50 psi) 377.5 g $12 (slick with grooves, black wall, made in Taiwan, standard equipment on BOB COZ trailers) Z.K.

Primo 38-305 (16x1.5) 4.5 bar (65 psi) 298 g $20 (block tread pattern, tan wall, made by Cheng Shin in Taiwan, standard equipment on 1998 BikeE, ideal upgrade for older BikeEs) Z.K.

P.S. This is a smaller version of the V-Monster. High quality, very flexible carcass. Great for light to medium loaded wheels such as CLWB or MWB. M.S.

305 mmTubes

Kenda 47-305 schraeder (16x1.75) 107.3 g $5 (Taiwan)

Schwalbe 47/57-305 (16x1.75-2.125) presta 109.7 g $6 (made in Korea, ideal for upgrading a BikeE to presta valve)

Specialized Schraeder tube 16x1.5/2.125

Cheng Shin Schraeder 16x1.5/1.75

305 mm Rims

Alesa 319 32 hole 230.4 g $24 (open box section, made in Belgium) Z.K.

Kin Lin 20 or 28 hole (comes complete with single sided hub wheel, Taiwan) $25 Z.K.

Weinmann 219K 36 hole $24 (open box section) Z.K.

Rigida 16 hole 248.1 $30 (open box section, silver, used by BikeE, made in the Netherlands) Z.K.

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