369 (17")Tires, Tubes & Rims

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369 mm Tires

Wolber-Moulton Ribbed 32-369 (17x1 1/4) 7.5 bar (110 psi) 260.4 g (linear ribbed tread pattern, black wall, made in France by Wolber which is owned by Michelin) Z.K.

The ribbed tread tires are marked 70 psi on the sidewall, but can be run at a much higher pressure. The reason they still carry the low psi figure is that the molds haven't worn out. Matt Dekker

There is an ultra high performance Alex Moulton 140 psi slick 17" tire which has slightly lower rolling resistance and better grip than the standard ribbed tire. Due to its high cost (usual retail is well over $100, each), and shorter lifespan, it should only be used for events where every advantage is necessary. Matt Dekker

369 mm Tubes

Wolber-Moulton Pacemark Sealant filled prototype 32-369 (17x1 1/4) presta 141 g $20 Z.K.

Original Equipment tubes, without sealant, may be ordered by any bike shop from Dekker Service.

Like the slick tires, there is a more expensive Air B latex tube available. It too, should only be used for performance events. M. D.

369 mm Rims

Sun M17 28 or 32 hole 321.4 g $30 (box section- open, polished silver, USA) Z.K.

Alex Moulton polished 20, 28, or undrilled 295 g $40 (open box, best tyre fit, UK) Z.K.

In addition to the polished rims, AM make a clear anodized rim that has the further aesthetic step of gluing the joint, as well as the structural pinning. The polished rims are just pinned at the joint. M. D.

Any local bike shop in the US can order Moulton Tires, Tubes and Rims from;

Dekker Service Inc., US Agents for:
Pashley Cycles, Alex Moulton Bicycles,
Lepper Saddles, and more.
Phone 425-641-9639.........Fax 425-641-0151
Web Site http://www.eskimo.com/~mdekker
EMail mdekker@eskimo.com
Overseas inquiries should be directed to the AM factory

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