Small Wheel & Tire Sources

Small Tires, ..Sizes Defined, .. 305, .. 349, .. 369, ..406, .. 451 

Not to take business away from Zach and Calhoun Cycle, but I hope to add as many alternate sources as possible. If you know of local bike shops, or mail-order outfits who handle any of these products, I'd be glad to add them. Mark Stonich

 Whenever possible, support your local dealer. Nobody offers mail order discounts on this stuff. Here in Minneapolis, Calhoun Cycle carries a wide selection.

 Zach, Luke Breen at Calhoun Cycle and other dealers carry a wide selection of larger diameter tires, tubes, rims, wheels and spokes, in 507mm (24" MTB) 520mm (24" triathlon) 559 mm (MTB 26") and 622mm(700C). However, I don't see any need to list these as they are readily available almost everywhere.

I had originally listed initials of sources (ie. ZK for Zach or CC for Calhoun Cycle) after each tire tube or rim I mentioned in the other sections. I'm sure it would be useful, but I think it would be almost impossible to keep it current and correct.

 Calhoun Cycle (A "Recumbents Only" dealer)
3342 Hennepin Ave S.
Mpls MN USA 55408
(612) 827-8000 Breen)
Conti, Primo, Schwalbe, Alesa, Sun and more.

 Zach Kaplan Cycles
1518 Buena Vista Ave.
Alameda, CA 94501 USA
510-522-BENT (2368)

 AngleTech Cycles
318 N. Highway 67
P.O. Box 1893
Woodland Park CO  80866-1893
(719)687-7475  Order Line (800-793-3038)  EMail Primo, Conti, Avocet, Haro, National and more.

 HPV Supply
21806 Broadacres Rd.
Pretty Prairie KS 67570
(316) 459-6237

Gaerlan Custom Cycles
838 Grant Ave., Suite 410, San Francisco, CA 94108
(415)362-3866.........(415)677-8943 fax

 Small Tires, ..Sizes Defined, .. 305, .. 349, .. 369, ..406, .. 451 

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