Small Road Tires, Tubes & Rims
For Recumbents, Moultons and Folders

Sources, ..Sizes Defined, .. 305, .. 349, .. 369, ..406, .. 451
About "Small Tires"

12 years ago I wrote an article spelling out various methods for removing knobs from BMX tires, in order to create street tires for the front of recumbents. I am pleased to report that this no longer seems necessary.

Most of this information comes from Zach Kaplan who sells almost all of the products mentioned. Comments followed by "Z.K." are from Zach. "M.S." follows my comments. Where you see full names, I've gleaned a few comments from e-mail postings by various Moulton and HPV folks.

Unless otherwise noted, where prices are shown, they are Zach's, as of 1/1/98. Zach's prices seem to be consistant with prices I've seen elsewhere.

I strongly recommend reading This is a web version of an excellent article by Moulton and Sturmey Archer guru Tony Hadland. BTW be sure to scroll all the way down to an interesting chart at the bottom.

This page is a work in progress, and I need your help. I think I have listed most of the tires tubes and rims, but I'm sure there are others and I'd like to hear about them.

I don't have any info on 18" 400A or 450A or 500A tires, though I know that some recumbents are built with them. If somebody wants to send me information and/or sources for these sizes I'll be glad to add them to this listing.
TIA Mark Stonich

Sources, ..Sizes Defined, .. 305, .. 349, .. 369, ..406, .. 451

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