Kid Sized Recumbents

Kid Sized Recumbents
“Kinderleiger”, “Juniorliggecykel”
By Mark Stonich

Small pix are Links to larger images or web pages.

If you builders are thinking about a ‘bent for your little one, these might give you some ideas. Tire sizes are listed, where known, to give some scale to the pictures.

If you know of any other little ‘bents, please send me the links at [email protected] .

Plans are available for this tiny tadpole
by Harprit Sandhu
Your child’s recumbent here.Your child’s recumbent here.
Low-tech 3 speed trike
Built by Dan Peters for his nephew.
Another tadpole by Lee BrewerAnother Italian mini, this one a
simple “stick” design. By Alessandro
em_tnWeb page about an FWD ‘bent
built in Italy, based on a folder.
Web page about building a little trike,
by Anker Mardal .
kid-e_tnBikeE inspired KidE by Australia’s Jonathan Magor. Seat & rear stays clamp to main tube, allowing wheelbase to grow as his daughter does.
A nice web page about a nice little trike,
built by someone named “Larry”.
mueller_tnMini-Rotator by Mark Mueller of fairings, for son Eli.veloraptorTNVelo-Raptor by Ray Brick of Velogenesis. The frame telescopes, so that as the child grows, weight distribution doesn’t change.
Thanks to Simon Kellett
Link to a German “Kinderleiger” (Kids Recumbent) site with 13 machines. Thanks to Simon Kellett
kd_tn16″-20″ version of the Sinner Demon.
For riders 10 and up.
jueng_tnHomebuilt SWB seen at SPEZI a few years agoPix from the SPEZI Kids Test Track
AndrewTNBuilt by me for my nephew Andrew.debes_tnBuilt by Jeff Debes for his son.hd_tnDutch bike shop selling Mini-SWB & Mini-trike. Click picture and scroll to bottom. Thanks to Ian Wilson Portsmouth UK
Kelly5_TNA page about 3 trikes built by Kelly Medley, of southern Illinois.twielewaal1_TNA page showing the construction of Kees van Malssen’s “Golden Oriole”.Pink_TNA Danish HPV Club website page about building a “Juniorliggecykel” (Junior recumbent)
Thanks to Erik Bell
bent_stopTNOptima Speed7 Prototype

Click on the left pic for a series of kid shots from a French site devoted to X-Treme Recumbent riding.

Click on the right pic for a larger image and some info about the bike from Mark Scherpenzeel of OPTIMA Cycles


The Trice Pixie is designed, (and priced) for small adults. However, it should fit pre-teens and adolesents just fine. 406-355-355
Thanks to Pete Eland of VeloVision
GreenspeedTNChild’s Trike, built by Greenspeed. 7-speeds, for riders up to 10 years or 5′ (152 cm) tall. 20″-16″-16″
Thanks to Sydney Winer of Australia.
LisaTNStef Pluijm, of The Netherlands, built this simple “No Weld” ‘bent for his daughters, using little more than a child’s bicycle, a fork, and a seat tube & BB shell cut from an old frame.

Clicking on either thumbnail will bring you to a page with more details,
and links to “No Weld” ‘bent building sites.

HaseTNRecumbent Trail-A-Trike from Hase of Germany.
Thanks to Pete Eland of VeloVision
Alligt Kleine from the Netherlands
20″ – 16″ (406-305)
Thanks to Hentie Stassen of South Africa.
kmxkartsA BMX trike from England. Could be a good road machine.
Thanks to Pete Eland of VeloVision
A couple of Kid Trikes from a US outfit, Trailmate
They also have a 4 wheeler and some industrial strength, non-recumbent kid trikes.

Thanks to Hentie Stassen of South Africa.

Gary_and_SophieTNTrike, built a while back by Luke Breen of Calhoun Cycle for daughter Sophie. 12″-12″-16″ (349)

Also shown is Gary Hoover, on his (Sophie’s the one on the right.)

sbTN160Now that Sophie’s outgrown her trike, Luke built her a Monotube single. She has 2 younger sisters, so these bikes will get plenty of use.

Details of this bike, w/Dual 305s.

Think mini Rotator Pursuit, but with better steering ergonomics and no wheelflop.

KaraTN3/4 scale TE clone built by Carl Gulbronson of the MnHPVA
Dual 451s
KamiTNBuilt by Len Brunkalla of WISIL for daughter Jami.
406 – 12″

SherrieTNThis bike was built by Ray Brick of Velogenesis, for for his wife Sharrie, but would fit many kids. In the photo she seems too big for the bike, and she’s only 5 foot, no inches, and abt. 90 lbs.

BTW it only weighs 18 lbs, not bad for a steel framed, compound drive, LowRacer. Dual 305 Comets are only a bit over 14″ OD.

This amazing bicycle was built in 1995 by Leen Wandel, from the Netherlands, for his son Lars. It’s a scaled-down copy of the well-known and popular Challenge Hurricane.

If you know of any current links to pages about this machine please let me know.

Front 37-298 (14 x 1 3/8) rear 47-305 (16 x 1.75).

ChrDodTNKatie Sidwell ‘s bike, called the Snow Leopard, is a 3-speed conversion to a BMX, which was briefly sold by one Harry Mansfield – his web site has now disappeared.

Thanks to Dave Larrington of the British HP Club. Photo by Chris Dodman

HH_SWB_TNThis picture is a link to a page which includes another link to a 30 page .pdf file.
This file is a very detailed guide to building a small SWB. by Hans Henrik Skovgard

Most kids do better with the stability and low seat height of an LWB bent, but these plans could easily be adapted. Many useful tips here for any first time builder.

Thanks to Torben Scheel.

Charlie1TNBuilt a few years ago by HPRa racer
Thom Olinger, for son Charlie. Dual 451s
CharlieTNA new production machine from Thom Ollinger
More info at
Thanks to Rick Strong

kindlgklKinder-Liegerad (Child Recumbent) Ă–ller 1992

From the web site.

Built by Tim Smith of OzHPV The Australian HPV Club
Click on the thumbnail for a page about the bike.
LBike1TNA one-off built by Pat Franz of TerraCycle
Click on the thumbnail for a page about the bike.
Thanks to Steve Staloff

PistenrunnerTNThe 4 wheel Pistenrunner is available in a Junior model to fit riders from 135cm (4′ 5″) to 170cm (5′ 7″) in height.

For more inf check out their website – in German

Thanks to Mike Deegan who has a site dedicated to

Two front wheel drive, rear steering Kid trikes built by Bram Smit of the Netherlands.

The Vici appears to be produced in small batches, while the Yepp is a one-off for a child with no arms.

You can check out Bram’s other machines at

Thanks to , who maintains an interesting site dedicated to Unusual HPVs

Melissa Howe on homebuilt childs trike, from Tim Smith’s Australian HPV Site OzHPV Click Thumbs for larger image.


Photos by Peter Moller and Peter Heal. Thanks to Andrew Stewart of Australia.

inca_nouvQuetxal Inca – For ages 7-12zoulou_nouvQuetxal Zoulou – For ages 3-5

With large amounts of trail/wheelflop, straight bars and no tiller, these two little heavyweights are certain to convince a whole new generation of riders that recumbents are harder to ride than uprights. Update 5/25/05 Now sold as Evox they don’t appear to have been improved.

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