Builder’s Bikes: Mark Stonich

Old Faithful 1985 – 53Kb.Sometimes I have to ask
myself why I love Minnesota.
“Lite” Recumbent 1986 – 53K
Our Tandem, 1988 – 54Kb.Jane’s Recumbent 1993 – 52Kb.Construction Details, Jane’s bike – 56Kb.
Instant Icebike 1995
Bolt on conversion.
Junkyard Dog 1995 – Adding a skate and front suspension turned “Dog” into a great ice racer. Suspension unit made from two 1966 Barracuda valve springs, pieces of handlebar, and homebrewed aluminum bits.
Gossamer Walrus 1991“Possum Lodge Special”
24lbs of scrap metal, plywood and duct tape.
Motor; Matt Stonich – Torch; Mark Stonich
Photos & Description
of Rans Rocket
conversion to
“Suitcase Bike” –>