406 (20″) Tires, Tubes & Rims

The decimal 20″ sizes 1.125″ (28mm) thru 2.125″ (54mm)
A.K.A the BMX 20″

406 mm Tires

Road Tires

Quite a bit of comment about 406 tires at the

Continental Grand Prix 28-406 (20×1.125) 8.5 bar (120 psi) 202.5 g $38 (slick with slight grooves, brown wall, made in Germany, for LWB front wheel or light rider on smooth roads) ZK

Ritchey Rov’r 33-406 (20×1.3) 7 bar (100 psi) actual weight: 278 g $20 (Slick with inverted triangle shaped groove tread pattern, black wall, made in Taiwan by Cheng Shin). Z.K.
The sidewalls are very thin and flexible, so it may have reasonably low rolling resistance.

Schwalbe City Jet 32-406 (20×1.25) 7 bar (100 psi) 310.7- 323.3 g $18 (slick with grooves, black wall, made in Korea) ZK

Schwalbe City Marathon 32-406 kevlar belted (20×1.25) 8 bar (115 psi) 275 g $21 (V-shaped groove tread pattern with open centre ridge, black wall, made in Korea) ZK

Primo Comet 37-406 (20×1.35) 7 bar (100 psi) 274.3- 276.9 g $21 (smooth herringbone tread pattern, tan wall, made by Cheng Shin in Taiwan) ZK
Much positive comment about this tire on the Moulton list. IMHO, Speed is excellent, wear is good, but wet traction is less than ideal. MS

Continental Top Touring 2000 37-406 (20×1.5) 5 bar (70 psi) 419.2 g $30 (V-shaped groove tread pattern with smooth centre ridge, black wall, made in Germany) ZK
Designed for maximum durability and puncture resistance, with decent, but not great, rolling resistance M.S.

Haro 38-406 (20×1.5) 4.5 bar (65 psi) 355.7 g $18 (Slick with small grooves, tan wall, made in Taiwan) ZK

Peregrine Special H.P. 40-406 (20×1.5) 7 bar (100 psi) Imagine a slick with an intricate siping pattern. Rolls easily without resorting to high pressures. IMHO the best medium width 406. Available at BMX Shops, and Angletech M.S.

Nokian City Runner 40-406 (20×1.5) 5 bar (72 psi) 330g? (center groove and directional V-grooves wide apart, sort of semi-slick) Fredrik Lejonklou
PS Sounds like a nice tire, however some people on the Moulton list have had bad luck with them. Comments? I was under the impression that Nokian made pretty good tires. Anybody know where to find it in the US? M.S.

Primo V-Monster 47-406 (20×1.75) 4.5 bar (65 psi) 423.1 g $20 (block tread
pattern, all black or tan wall, made by Cheng Shin in Taiwan) ZK

Primo V-Monster 54-406 (20×1.95) 4.5 bar (65 psi) 429.4 g $20 (block tread
pattern, black wall, made by Cheng Shin in Taiwan) ZK

406mm tires

Freestyle Tires

New!!!Maxxis Hookworm 20×1.95 – Black with black sidewalls, 582g., 110 psi
This looks like a great tire. Flexible and with such a flat tread that maximim PSI should only be needed on the rear of a tandem. Hope they come out with this in more sizes. 20x 1.5 & 26x 1.95 would be nice and I hear they are working on a fat 305 strong enough for the front of a tandem. I read on the Moulton list that Australian Greenspeed riders are tossing their Comp Pools and replacing them with Hookworms.

New!!!Maxxis Hookworm – Dual Compound, 20×1.95, 540g. 110 psi
Same as above, but a bit lighter, with soft grippy orange rubber sides, and harder grey center section for wear.

ACS RL Edge 47-406 (20×1.75) 7 bar (100 psi) 385.2 g $24 (shallow block
pattern, tan wall, made in Japan) ZK

Tioga Competition Pool 47-406 (20×1.75) 6 bar (90 psi) 346.2 g- 355.3 g $30<(SLICK, tan wall, lowest rolling resistance of any 406mm tyre according to testing done by Greenspeed, made by Mitsuboshi in Japan) ZK

Avocet Freestyle 47-406 (20×1.75) 6 bar (85 psi) 360.4 g $30 (slick,
tan wall, made in Japan by Inoue Rubber Company, Ltd.) ZK

Flatlander Tires

Flatlander riding is a strange offshoot of BMX. But all that matters here is that it requires really fat, high pressure 406 street tires. Great for tandems and the rear of CLWBs

Cheng Shin C-649-2 Nylon 54-406 (20×2.0) 2.5 bar (35 psi) 700g $18 (wide slick centre, grooves at edges, black wall, made in Taiwan, didn’t blow at 210 psi and was tested to have reasonably low rolling resistance, this is the most durable 406mm road tyre I know of and makes an excellent tandem tyre or rough road/heavy rider tyre) ZK

Peregrine Special H.P. 52-406 (20×2.125) “Big Jim” 7 bar (100 psi) 566.3- 573.7g $20 (Slick tread with shallow grooves, black wall or tan wall, made by Vee Rubber Co., Ltd. in Thailand, excellent tandem tyre) ZK

P.S. The 52mm x 406 Perigrine “Big Jim”, like other Flatlander tires, is a bit stiff as the tread is fairly thick. However, it is so big that it barely has to flex to form it’s contact patch, so still rolls easily. Even on the front of our tandem, with abt. a 200lb load, we don’t inflate it to its rated 100PSI. It seems to roll just fine at 85-90psi. Our next tandem may have these front and rear. M.S.

ACS True 100 54-406 (20×2.0) 7 bar (100 psi) 508.3 g $29 (shallow block pattern, tan wall, made in Japan) ZK

IRC and Kenda also have Flatlander tires M.S.

406 mm Tubes

Cheng Shin 37/47-406 (20×1.5-1.75) presta 116.5 g $5 (China) ZK

Continental 28/32-406 (20×1.125) presta 102 g $7 (Germany) ZK

Continental 37/47-406 (20×1.5-1.75) presta 131.8 g $7 (Germany) ZK

Kenda 32-406 presta (20×1.25) 107.1 g $6 (works in Continental Grand Prix, Schwalbe City Marathon, and Primo Comet narrow 406mm tyres) ZK

Kenda 37-47-406 (20×1.5-1.75) presta 131.3 g $5 (Taiwan) ZK

Kenda 37-50-406 (20×1.5-1.75) shraeder (haven’t weighed yet) $5 (Taiwan) ZK

Schwalbe 28-47-355-400 (18″) presta 96.6 g $6 (This tube fits the Schwalbe City Marathon 406 and Continental GP 406 among others. It is made in Korea) ZK

bike tires 406mm

406 mm Rims

Araya RB-17 32 or 36 hole 338g $40 (box section, polished silver, Japan) ZK

Araya Super-7X 36 or 48 hole 425g $45 (31mm wide box section, available in silver, chrome, red & yellow, Japan) ZK

Kin Lin 36 hole (comes complete with single sided hub wheel, Taiwan) $25 ZK

Odyssey T-1000 36 hole 454.4 g $45 (an extremely strong 27mm wide, 25mm deep aero rim ideal for tandem and heavily loaded bike applications, available with varius flame colour patterns plus polished silver, USA) ZK

Rigida 36 hole $30 (open section, silver, same section as 305mm version made in USA) ZK

Sun CR18 28 or 36 hole 330 g $30 (22.5mm wide box section, silver, made in USA) ZK

Sun M14A possible with a large enough order. ZK

Velocity Aeroheat AT 36 hole 304.7 g $45 (A very strong 24mm wide, 22mm deep, high quality aero rim, the best all around 406mm rim available, comes in silver, black, green, blue, violet, red &gold, made in Australia) ZK

Velocity Deep-V 36 hole 402.1 g $55 (An extremely strong 24mm wide, 32mm deep aero rim ideal for tandem applications and applications where aerodynamics are a greater concern than weight, available in black, red, or blue powdercoat) ZK

For heavy duty applications. Sun’s Rhyno, Rhyno Lite and BFR (BMX version of their Mammoth DH Rim) are available in 406, in both 36 and 48 hole drillings. M.S.

My favorite 406 rim is the RB 17 from Araya. It has an outer width of 23mm, an inner width of 17mm, (which means a 1.5″ tire is about as wide as you’d want to go), and it weighs 335 grams. The side walls are concave. Depending on where you look, it can be had in either 32 or 36 hole, silver anodized, or for you flashy types who don’t use rim brakes, chrome plated!
Thanks to Matt Dekker

Hed in Minneapolis, MN, USA (+612-653-0202) make an “aero” rim in 406, 18mm width, similar to their “Jet”. This is available in 24, 28, or 36 drilling. The carbon insert is added to a Sun rim. Price for the rim is about USD 165., more if you want Hed to build the wheel.
Thanks to Doug Milliken

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