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We are currently working on getting the new MnHPVA webpage up and running, follow this link to our temporary new site.

We will not be adding to the current pages here but will add links to the new site as needed to make things work. As we get the new pages working well, we will begin to transfer over the old site into the new. Then we will transfer over the URL.  

I would like to thank Mark Stonich for all his hard work and diligence over the last 10 years that made this webpage possible. His body of work gave the hpv community so much over the years it is impossible to thank him enough, we will miss his unique touch but hope that we can still talk him into going out for rides with us, even if he does want to ride one of those "funny" looking bikes....  DaveK

Photos from "The 1st Annual" held June 11th and 12th, 2005 in Cedar Rapids Iowa.

Mary Arneson has posted some photos from the 14th Annual Human Powered Ice Race World Championships on her website.


Unscheduled Rides
Many MnHPVA rides are posted on short notice, to members of the RecumbentsMN eMail list. Usually in response to a nice weather forcast.

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Ice Vehicle
World Championships
Jan. 24th 2009

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Page Manager; Mary Arnesen
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